This popular and vulnerable: Google Android

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Google Androidis the most popular mobile OS in the world, far from being named the most secure.

On the scale of vulnerability threatening the security of personal data of Google Android users, specialists of Bluebox Labs said, but the portal of PCWorld noted that it is probably one of the biggest in the history of Android system. The first informations about this problem were obtained in 2010, and the Google company, of course, has taken steps to close the breach in security that prevents malware to actually penetrate smoothly to mobile devices, making their users helpless in the face of intruders. Nevertheless, to eliminate Google problem was managed only in the latest version of Android, so that all users of previous OS versions should remain on the alert.

This problem, or «FakeID», as it is called in the Bluebox Labs, according to the same Bluebox Labs, is associated with deficiencies in the mechanism of verification of certificates and fraught with consequences not only for users of Android, but also for the reputation of Google company. Taking advantage of the privileges granted on the mobile devices in some applications, intruders can break into the system that give them access to personal photos and passwords, and credit card numbers. So what is the advice to all users of OS Android versions 4.3.1 and below: arm with reliable antivirus and beware!

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