Say ‘No’ to Leaks

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The Kepler toxic gas detector has become a fresh Kickstarter hit. The smart sensor is mainly designed to prevent natural gas leaks. Once the gas in the air concentration is above the admissible threshold, Kepler generates an audible beep, warning about the dangerous situation via a mobile device. When the air becomes lethally toxic, the detector sounds an alarm.

As for its appearance, Kepler looks like a round display disk attached to a flat panel. It is possible to dismantle the disk-shaped main module from the panel to use it as a portable gas leak detector. The device can either be mains connected, which requires a USB cable and an adapter, or supplied from an integral battery. The battery charge lasts for about two hours. Besides, the Kepler detector can function as a timer clock and transmit data to mobile devices.

Kickstarter users can already pre-order it for some 60 Canadian dollars.

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