ASUS gathers with Trend Micro to develop new utility for Wi-Fi routers

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ASUS gathers with Trend Micro to develop new utility for Wi-Fi routers

Trend Micro, - a company specializing in security software, teams up with hardware producer Asus to develop new Smart Home Network utility for Wi-Fi routers.

The Smart Home Network Solution will allow manage such Internet features on Asus Home routers as security, parental control and quality of service. In order to improve security services, the utility includes 3-step protection process (prevention-protection-mitigation) that will help to avoid Internet-risks for Wi-Fi router and other devices. 

Quality of service feature helps to control Internet traffic due to the identification of more than 800 Internet apps and around 1,000 devices including mobile phones, gaming consoles and TV sets. According to the producer the feature will essentially improve speed and quality of connection thus live-stream HD videos, online games and P2P downloading will no longer be something wait-half-a-day-to-download.

In its turn, parental control feature helps to restrict access for undesirable web-sites and applications.

As Asus officials say, cooperation of two companies is extremely important step in development of high-quality product for every-day use. Smart Home Network Solution will help to optimize daily use of Internet according to users’ preferences by combining function of control and security.   Taking in consideration compatibility of the new product with great variety of internet-connected devices, the utility is expected to be on demand among users. 

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