BlackBerry is launching unusual smart phones

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BlackBerry is launching unusual smart phones

We have used to Canadian BlackBerry smartphones, which are always distinguished by their design and “stuffing”. The most common distinguishing features include the presence of QWERTY-keyboard, rather classic design, the presence of the most important functions. However, the new release is something great. On the photo above - John Chan - CEO of BlackBerry. He has shared with two completely new and unlike communicators, as an annex to the quarterly financial report.

The release of these models is scheduled for the autumn. In his left hand John Chen holds BlackBerry Classic, which is a final design of smart phone Q20, announced in the beginning of 2014 (February). It looks like an ordinary Canadian communicator, which has QWERTY-keyboard, 3.5-inch display, touch control etc. This model, users can purchase in September this year. In his right hand, John Chen holds BlackBerry Passport. The prototype has been called Windermere. Like all Canadian smartphones, it is equipped with QWERTY-keyboard, all the main functions, only it has quite unusual appearance. The display is in the form of a square, just like a passport.

The communicator BlackBerry Passport will certainly have all the necessary specifications for the smartphone: 4.5-inch display, photo resolution 1440x1440, 454 ppi, and software BlackBerry OS 10.3, support of android apps from Amazon Appstore. Thus, the owners of these smartphones will get the access to 240 thousand of applications, compared with 130 thousand at BlackBerry Store, but the majority of these applications has forgotten what an update is. Therefore, IT Company will not have to spend money to broadcast the music, videos, pictures, etc.; they can be simply borrow them from Amazon. The release of this model is scheduled for November this year.

It is surprising that this company once was a giant, but in spite of its downfall, it is gradually reaching its rightful place in the IT and mobile devices market. This year for the BlackBerry can be considered as the starting one, and in the following, the company will be able to compete with the global companies. A new smartphone Manitoba will become a worthy assistant in this difficult task: 5.2-inch display, 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 8 cores, improved OS 10.4. The release is scheduled for the third quarter of next year.

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