Dubai Police Demands CCTV Installed in all Buildings

من طرف Lajj
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Dubai Police Demands CCTV Installed in all Buildings

Setting up a term of 3 months to complete the task, Dubai Police has ordered owners of both residential and office buildings to equip their premises with security cameras, referring to Act No. 10 of 2014 and amendments to Law No. 24 of 2008 on service providers and security regulations.

The Police also emphasized CCTV cameras were to be to their specifications as follows. First, they should be installed at all the entrances, including emergency ones, so that they could get a proper picture of a person entering or leaving a building. Secondly, cameras should be properly fixed and stable, no obstacles in their way, obscuring vision. And, finally, CCTV cameras should cover lobby areas, sections close to elevators, reception areas, entrances to health clubs, and parking places. In the latter case, cameras need to be able to capture number plates with enough precision. Besides, it is essential that all the cameras should keep, at least, a month’s footage.

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