Dubai to Get Own Rainforest

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Dubai to Get Own Rainforest

Dubai developers, known for their mind-boggling projects, are set to build a tropical rainforest on the desert outskirts of the Dubai City. The rainforest will be “planted” under a climate-controlled dome as part of Damac Properties’ luxury housing estate.

The new sight is to open before the 2020 World Expo. It will comprise zip lines and walkways, a climbing wall and a spa with rock pools and steam baths. Ziad El Chaar, managing director of Damac Properties, is sure the rainforest will become a big tourist attraction and a place where one can obtain educational and cultural experience.

Nevertheless, the rainforest project has opponents, too. Environmentalists point out that it might have an adverse effect on the UAE government’s efforts to curb the increasing water and energy consumption of the Dubai City. Some believe that the expected high water consumption to keep the artificial forest alive is unsustainable in a desert climate.

Taken all of the above, to settle the argument, it seems crucial for the developers to provide for a thorough assessment of the project’s environmental impact in case they haven’t done it yet.

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