HTC to release new camera

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HTC to release new camera

HTC, most widely renowned as a manufacturer of Android smartphones, has announced the release of a new device – the standalone digital Re Camera. The camera is said to be compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and, unlike the famous GoPro, popular with those keen on extreme sports and adventures, is designed for regular people.

It will be available in the US later this month for $199.99 in orange, blue, teal, and white, complete with a 8GB micro SD. HTC also offers a range of accessories for the camera, such as handlebar mount for bikes and a case to enhance its waterproof qualities.

As for the appearance, it is a pocket size camera of a simplistic design with a solid water-tight body in glossy plastic. All you can see on its outside is just a button on the front, another on the back, a red LED to indicate video recording, and a blue one for slow motion. However, even though the camera has nothing like a viewfinder, a display or a graphical user interface, it boasts 16-megapixel resolution, a 146-degree fixed-focus lens and can shoot 1080p HD video. The device is turned on automatically as you pick it up, and its 820 mAh battery allows shooting for as long as 1 hour 40 minutes on end without recharging.

According to HTC, the Re Camera is designed to make photographing more enjoyable. Using the camera, you supposedly won’t have to worry about framing a shot or starting a camera app, with your eyes off the display and open for the beauty of the moment. However, from preliminary testing, it doesn’t seem like a better option to take pictures than a smartphone. It takes too long for the camera to wake up and to capture an image, and the picture quality leaves much to be desired.

So, though HTC claims to be working on improvements, they will sure have to struggle to win a market for a non-pro camera in that price range.

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