Some more yoga from Lenovo

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Some more yoga from Lenovo

Lenovo has announced a new line of Yoga tablets and laptops, available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

The new line includes 13.3-inch Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, featuring Android OS, a built-in Pico projector, a 8Wt sound system with a subwoofer, an Intel Atom processor and 2GB RAM. The quad-HD 2560x1440 screen makes the large-size Yoga Tablet 2 Pro a powerful presentation tool and, when used to watch movies and TV shows, gives one the feel of a true home cinema theatre. Its battery life is 15 hours in regular modes and 3 hours in the projection mode. The tablet also comes with a stand, which makes it possible to use it comfortably as a keyboard, or in the upright position, or even hung on the hook.

Yoga Tablet 2 Pro will also be available in smaller, 10-inch size, without a projector and with either Android 4.4 KitKat or Windows 8.1.

Another product of the new line is Yoga 3 Pro laptop. It is an ultra-thin and ultra-light Windows laptop, boasting a 13-inch display with HD resolution, 512GB of memory available for storage, a powerful Intel Core M Processor, and, of course, the signature 360-degree hinge. The hinge comes in an upgraded classy design and, as usual, enables using the device in four modes: the Laptop mode; the Stand mode, with the display bent back more than 180 degrees; the Tent mode, and the Tablet mode, with the display fully folded. Its battery is claimed to last for 9 hours, even with an active Wi-Fi connection.

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