Toshiba has crossed the line. New 7-inch Windows tablet for $120

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Toshiba has crossed the line. New 7-inch Windows tablet for $120

Evolution of Windows-based tablets is a long tale about how to make device… smaller and cheaper. Indeed, every new product sets a record in price and new 7-inch Encore Mini by Toshiba is not exclusion. Priced for only $120 it passed the lowest $200-line common for 8-inch tablets. However, do not expect high-end specs for such a price: based on Windows 8.1, Encore Mini has a quad-core 1GB RAM Intel Atom Z3735G processor, 1024 x 600 display, 16GB of storage, 2MP main camera and 0.3MP frontal camera. It’s a bit heavier than Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, but nevertheless it won’t be a problem to keep additional 350 grams in your bag.

Definitely good news that purchase of Encore Mini grants you with a free year of 1TB storage on One Drive and either Office 365 service. Moreover the tablet is designed with additional microSDXC slot, so you can increase the storage up to 128GB.  Producer did it best to improve the scaling, thus you will always feel comfortable to work with on-screen objects in desktop mode. Attractive price, compact size, a plenty of storage – if you are tempted, Encore Mini is already in stores.  

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