WD to Launch New Power-Efficient Hard Drives

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WD to Launch New Power-Efficient Hard Drives

The new Re+ hard drives by WD are intended to address the power consumption issues of modern high-capacity datacentres. With 6 Gb/s transfer rates, sequential data rates of up to 225 MB/s and a capacity of up to 550 TB per year, these are claimed to combine the high reliability of Re hard drives and the industry’s best watt-per-gigabyte ratio. In fact, WD claims the Re+ family products have the lowest power consumption of all 3.5-inch hard drives available on the market today.

According to WD, the Re+ hard drive platform is currently the most power-efficient, high-intensity and high-capacity one in terms of total cost of ownership, i.e. capacity-price-power consumption relation. Considering that watts have become a currency, like the dollar, massive deployments of these under today’s large web-scale cloud infrastructures could result in enormous savings of millions of dollars per year, while providing for enhanced performance and reliability as required for high-intensity datacentres.

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