Another Customization Tool from Facebook

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Another Customization Tool from Facebook

Facebook has always done its best to help users enjoy their social network experience. Thus, for instance, based on the information about users’ most frequently viewed posts and pages, it links them to similar posts and web-resources.

The new feature Facebook is about to launch is intended to enable users to customize their news feed to their own liking by prioritizing posts and people. Besides, Facebook representatives claim the new feature to be the answer to the so-called “FOMO” problem when people are afraid to miss out on something really important. All one needs to do to always keep up with the latest news of importance is to star a person or a page, and posts from those will, from then on, appear at the top of their news feed, no matter what. In addition, this new feature enables users to reconnect with certain people or pages they unfollowed some time before.

It is planned that the feature will first be introduced for the iPhone app, with support for Android and the web version to follow some time later.

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