Smartphone Boom in MEA

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Smartphone Boom in MEA

In 2015, smartphone shipments in the MEA region (Middle East and Africa) are expected to total 155 m units, already exhibiting growth of 66% as compared to the last year. The fastest growing markets include Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan, with Samsung, Apple, and Huawei taking up the three top supplier positions.

Overall, the region’s most popular operating systems are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, jointly making up 95% of the smartphone market. In the Middle East, Android accounts for 80% of the market, and iOS –for 17%, while, in Africa, the figures are 89% and 7%, accordingly. Such an impressive market success of Android devices is probably due to their low cost. In general, the region’s consumers tend to be more willing to buy devices within the price range of $100 - $200. Preferred screen sizes range from 4 to 5.5 inches.

Meanwhile, feature phones have suffered a decline of 20%. By 2019, their share is expected to be as low as just some 27% of the total MEA handset market. BlackBerry, despite all the new models launched, has also performed way less successful, perhaps, because it has lost much of its corporate market.

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