Users say VoIP call platform IMO now blocked in UAE

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Users say VoIP call platform IMO now blocked in UAE

UAE users say video and voice chat platform IMO messenger has stopped working in the UAE as of yesterday.

IMO messenger, which works on both the iOS and Android devices, allows users to send messages as well as make free Skype-like calls from mobile devices.

Several users in the country who had been able to make calls until Sunday night told this website that the messenger platform stopped working since Monday morning.

“I don’t even hear a ring tone now. Looks like it has been blocked,” says Sadiq who works with an Abu Dhabi-based bank.

“It was the only VoIP messenger that worked flawlessly from my phone, until yesterday,” says Mustafa Ahmad.

IMO can be used to make voice calls, as well as send messages apart from sharing pictures. The messenger however has a few flaws where an intended recipient is able to see the text even as you type them on your screen.

Also an incoming voice call from the telecom network will simultaneously get connected along with the VoIP call.

IMO messenger has been gaining traction in recent months, especially in the UAE, as it was one of the few working VoIP solutions.

Other similar services like WhatsApp calling, BBM voice, and Viber continue to remain blocked.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority has been insisting that all VoIP services, except for those provided by licensed operators in the UAE – Etisalat and Du – are illegal.

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