A new Japanese invention transports passengers on a laptop-sized board

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The Japanese has developed the first “world’s smallest car”. From the first sight the personal transporter called WalkCar reminds of a skateboard and it’s not bigger than a laptop. This gadget can be used not only to transport people but also to carry heave bags and other weights. 
An engineer of Cocoa Motors and the Creator Kuniako Saito reported that his device is powered by a lithium battery and has an aluminum body. The tiny two-three-kilogram gadget can handle a load up to 120 kg.
The top speed is 10 km/h. It takes three hours of charge to cover a distance of 12 km. The WalkCar starts and stops a motion automatically. Stepping onto the board a user starts to move. Shifting their weight a passenger can change the direction. 
The unique feature of this gadget is its size. Similar vehicles like Segway and Toyota Winglet are more cumbersome and unlikely to be used in everyday life. The WalkCar is mobile and can be easily carried in bags. 
Funding of the development was carried out on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. Shipping is expected to begin by spring 2016. Its price amounts around $ 800.

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