Brand New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a Worthy Challenger in a Race of the Best Smartphones

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Brand New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a Worthy Challenger in a Race of the Best Smartphones
This March in Samsung Corporation was rich in gimmicks – two brand new smartphones with eye catching design at once: the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. The devises come with leap-ahead design what makes them compare favorably with similar devises on the market of large-screen smartphones. One more Samsung's product didn't keep waiting - just in five months was presented the Galaxy S6 Edge+.
S6 Edge+ is a bigger version of its predecessor. Being 12 mm longer and 5 mm wider than S6 Edge, it fits a larger 5.7 inch of the S6 Edge’s quad HD AMOLED screen. Nevertheless new model doesn’t seem that huge – one can hardly see the difference between S6 Edge and S6 Edge+. 
Smooth glass with strong metal which create a stylish look, volume buttons on the left and power button on the right which make the devices convenient, together with a headphone jack and the speaker on the bottom are common for both models. What else makes S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ twin-like is a rear camera. Bulging out it doesn’t allow the phone to lay flat on its back. 
As for internal specs of the devices they also seem quite alike. A powerful octa-core Exynos processor makes both S6 Edges operate so fast. The Exynos processor packs 4 GB of RAM. The phones run on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. 16 MP rear camera makes them one of the best on a modern smartphones market.   
Elevated design of new Samsung smartphones is not their only outstanding feature. Galaxy S6 Edge+ has the same long battery life. Actually it’s bigger than those by S6 Edge – around 3,000 mAh but needs the same time for recharging. Both batteries are not removable.
One more tweak that has been improved is so called “People Edge” – the sidebar that appears on the right corner of the screen showing the most frequent contacts. S6 Edge has also “Apps Edge” which provides quick access to the most-used apps. Using this smart function you don’t need to swipe past the contacts if you want to just use the shortcut tab for app switching.
The shortcut tab is no longer attached to a home screen – you can use it whenever you are in the software. What is more attractive is that switching between the apps became extremely easy, taking into account a large screen where it’s not easy to operate with just one finger. 
Live broadcast right from the native camera app is not a dream anymore. This feature will definitely help you to save the time. You can post the videos live on the spot: both to private or social media. Although apps like Periscope already have this function, Samsung has made it a native feature of the phone, so Samsung may become a dominant in the nearest future. Moreover 1080 p at 60 fps is all you need for fast connection. 

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