New generation Livescribe's 8GB Echo Pro smartpen

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New generation Livescribe's 8GB Echo Pro smartpen

Livescribe has updated one of its previous smartpens. 8GB Echo Pro smartpen is designed to be connected to a Windows or Mac computer with notes and audio available via Livescribe Desktop.

The Pro edition can hold over 800 hours of audio or over 100,000 pages of notes. It can easily transfer notes or recordings to your Mac or PC via USB port. Compared with its older predecessor, the Echo smartpen is higher-end and contains advanced functions, which may be useful for note-takers like students and journalists.

You may watch all your ideas written on a dot paper and audio pencasts recorded appear instantly not only on iOS and Android mobile devices, but also on Mac and Windows. All you need is to download the Echo Desktop software and manage your notes and records upon upload to the computer. By applying the latest version of this software, you may easily look over your notes and immediately move to the part of your audio recordings.

For those who want to say, write and share a brainstorming result, Echo Pro can be found at Amazon or directly at Livescribe for $200. 

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