Intel and Micron Introduced Its Jointly Built Super-Fast Memory

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Intel and Micron Introduced Its Jointly Built Super-Fast Memory

Intel Corporation has announced its new flash product under the brand name Optane at IDF 2015 in San Francisco. IDF is an annual conference for developers held by Intel. The first forum took place in 1997. IDF 2015 is held from 18th till 20th August in San Francisco (the USA) and has attracted more than 5000 participants. The technology presented by Intel is up to 1000 times faster than NAND flash-memory.

Being developed in collaboration with Micron on the basis of 3D Xpoint’s memory, it represents something between NAND and DRAM (random access memory formats). Optane has a non-volatile memory as flash-memory which means it doesn’t need a power supply. The technology works much faster than flash-memory almost reaching the speed of RAM. 

Moreover, the work speed of the prototype is 7 times faster than by the fastest SSD drive Intel P3700.  The new technology is targeted different areas, for instance, it’s a big deal for PC gamers. So, game scenes will be loaded immediately but not in some time as it happens using disk storage. 

Intel is launching its gimmick within a new line of high-speed solid-state drive Intel SSD not earlier than in 2016. At the same time the company is going to supply Optane-based RAM modules made for server usage.

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