The World’s First Dual Selfie Cam Will Be Released by Lenovo

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The World’s First Dual Selfie Cam Will Be Released by Lenovo

The Lenovo Vibe S1 which can be developed by the biggest smartphone manufacturers in China in the nearest future was sighted at China’s TENAA certification center.
Reportedly the main feature of the coming gimmick is its supposed two front-facing cameras. It will set this device apart from the others in the market since there’ve never been any of this kind before.
Another notable feature is the possibility of creation of special effects, for instance a refocusing on the shot taken. One of the two front cameras will support up to 8 megapixels resolution.
If to speak about the other specs of the smartphone it will run octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset. The handset will be powered by 64-but processor. Adreno 405 graphics processing unit runs with 2 GB RAM.
The smartphone will come with 5-inch Full HD with 1920*1080 resolution. It packs 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. 16GB of internal memory can be further expanded via microSD card slot. The handset will ship with Android 5.1 Operating system.
Following the results of the second quarter of 2015 Lenovo ranks No. 5 in the list of the world leading smartphones’ manufacturers while the leading companies are Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi. Within three months Lenovo produced 16,2 million smartphones and occupied 4,8% of the market. Last year the company’s share was 5,2%.

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