How the IPhone 6S Can Control Your Household Devices

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How the IPhone 6S Can Control Your Household Devices

There’re lots of Smart Home systems for automation of household but iPhone makes it smarter. Though this area of technology is rather rich in new inventions, it’s not easy and even impossible to robotize all the household equipment at home for those who are not skilled in programming and engineering. Apple HomeKit technology enables to make this process easily accessible and more clear to each person in the world and control connected devices at the same time. Interaction between smart accessories is achieved by means of creation of so called “ecosystem”. It should be completely compatible, consistent within its framework and easy in settings. Presentation of off-the-shelf technology is to be held just in a month.


So, how does iPhone help us to control a smart house?


1. A smartphone with the iOS 9 OS is a central core of controlling all the household devices from conditioner to washing machine;

2. Apart from communicator as a handling mechanism can act a WatchOS 2,0 (smart-watches Apple Watch or any other portable gadget based on this platform);

3. Ecosystem HomeKit should recognize voice commands as well as identifying the desires of users by means of a well-developed intelligent technology Apple Siri;

4. For collaboration of HomeKit with gadgets and accessories the latter should have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (and have a matching adapter module);

5. A huge part of sensors, motor blinds, carbon dioxides detectors and other existing devises will be added by Apple to HomeKit on iOS 9;

6. Data exchange with household devices (settings, profiles and so on) will be held via buffer “cloud” zone in iCloud;

7. Smart Home with Apple HomeKit will appear always online and at the same time it should be secured from unapproved access by the progressive security system.


For now all the information mentioned above is preliminary. All the details on the shifty circuit named HomeKit will be revealed later. However on the whole seven above-said items provide a short glimpse on the general concept of American corporation’s idea. It’s obvious that in a long shot HomeKit developers are planning to bring out HomeKit-enabled products under the Apple label. It concerns not only smartphones, pads, laptops and set-top boxes but also different household devices, vehicles and even whole houses already equipped with high-tech gadgets. Nowadays Apple is going to make a first serious step towards creation of standardized house of “Smart Home” class.

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