Tesla Motors has started testing a set of autopilot functions in real road conditions.

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Tesla Motors has started testing a set of autopilot functions in real road conditions.

It’s referred to two systems – autopilot working on highways and a complex of parallel parking. Driving on highways owners of electrically operated Model S sedan can allow them to shift a driving completely to vehicle electronics. Particularly, the autonomic software gives possibilities to control the location of a vehicle, to gather and throttle down a speed as well as to wheel. The system uses a combination of on-board cameras and different detectors as well as GPS –positioning system navigation receiver.

What concerns a complex of autonomous parallel parking, it’ll let a user to let the vehicle park itself in a suitable places along the road side.

Nowadays the autopilot device is being tested by a limited number of automobilists – by the owners of Model S sedan. Not only the systems operation is being examined but also an ease of user interface. Right after test completion of the system updating of a program software with a set of autopilot functions will be available for other owners of Tesla Motors electromobiles. 

التعليقات 4

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AdooMap 02.09.2015 23:080
هو بالفعل المتاحة ولكن يتطلب بعض التحسن. ليس كل البلدان بالمناسبة تسمح السيارات الذاتية القيادة, ولا دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة!!
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SalesUp! 02.09.2015 15:270
وأود أن تفضل جوجل ذاتية القيادة السيارة عندما تكون متوفرة ؟
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Scomputers 30.08.2015 11:512
أنا أحب ذلك, عن رجل كسول مثلي أفضل الأداة التي رأيتها
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AdooMap 29.08.2015 14:002
تبحث توجيه بعض الأداة الصغيرة في سيارتي التي يمكن أن تعمل على جلب لي. إلا أن مجرد بداية خشية أن نرى كيف أن شركات صناعة السيارات الأخرى سوف تتبع نفس الفكرة)))
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