Innovative Idea in the Battery Packs’ World

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Innovative Idea in the Battery Packs’ World

A British company Intelligent Energy has claimed a creation of a battery pack for iPhone that runs on a single charge for a week. The Telegraph reports about a breakthrough in smartphones’ development. The British has invented a battery for iPhone 6 that delivers a week’s life worth. According to the publication, the company works closely with Apple corporation.    

Intelligent energy has developed a working iPhone prototype containing a rechargeable battery, which creates electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen producing small “by-products” as water and heat. The technology is patented.

Henri Winand, chief executive of Intelligent Energy, commenting the information about the new invention, refused to comment on Apple involvement into the project. He confined himself to saying that this had never been done in smartphones’ world before.

“We have managed to develop such a thin fuel cell that will fit to the existing smartphones’ models”, - highlighted Winand. He named the invention of the company “a serious step forward”.

Press Service of Apple declined to comment.

Three major areas of work of the Intelligent Energy are automotive, consumer electronics and power distribution.

The company has grown from community of students-chemists of the British Loughborough University, which was formed in the end of 1980-ies. In 1995 was founded Advanced Power Sources firm — the predecessor of Intelligent Energy. In its present form the company was established in 2001. In 2003 it had signed a contract with Boeing on the development of innovative fuel cell with a proton exchange membrane, in 2007 started a similar project a fuel cell elements for Suzuki motorcycles.

In July 2014 Intelligent Energy was set on the London stock exchange with a valuation of  business of $1.1 billion. The Company raised during the IPO to nearly $100 million. 6.4% of the company owns Yukos International UK.

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