Biocomputer for Medicine

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Biocomputer for Medicine

An elementary biocomputer targeted to manipulate a behavior of bacteria is going to be raised by a group of international biologists. Afterwards the invention would become a breakthrough in the field of medicine. Being placed into bowels, the biocomputers would be able to have a positive impact on the health of a person: to activate a microflora or even to initiate a production of medicine.

A primitive logical scheme includes three types of bacteria. The scheme works in a following way: two strains of colibacillus are complemented by two opposite sets of genes. Thus, the scientists forced bacteria to synthesize signal molecules aimed to switch on or switch off a certain complex of genes in the third type of bacteria. The three components collected in one capacity contemporize the work of separate components, which represents a peculiar analog of electronic “pendulum”. The biological “pendulum” could be used to control the work of more sophisticated biocomputers in bowels.

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