First American State Legalizes Drones for Police

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First American State Legalizes Drones for Police

North Dakota police will be free to use armed drones. However the drones should be equipped with nonlethal weapons. The weapons permitted are as follows: rubber bullets, pepper spray, police tasers, sound cannons and tear gas. Mitigation of the law limiting the usage of drones for law enforcement activities was pushed by commercial companies and policemen.

The first hearings on the law took place in March when it was supposed to completely ban the weaponizing of the drones. Later the companies producing unmanned aerial vehicles joined the debate. The law prohibiting the usage of armed drones was absolutely unbeneficial for them as they couldn’t receive favourable purchase orders for North Dakota police. As a result the legislators allowed to arm the drones with nonlethal weapons. However according to The Guardian at least 39 people have been killed by police tasers only in 2015 so far.

The American civil community is seriously concerned about depersonalization of actions of police officers. They would dare handle weapons indirectly, being unable to control and sum up a particular situation what could lead to new victims.

التعليقات 1

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