NASA Asks Developers to Design a Smartwatch App

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NASA Asks Developers to Design a Smartwatch App

NASA has announced a challenge on design of smartwatches apps useful for astronauts. The space agency is hosting requirements to participants with freelancer.соm – the world’s largest marketplace for freelancing.

The participants are challenged to develop the most comfortable interface for the app not yet existing. The points which should be displayed on the screen are as follows: the crew's agendas for each day, warnings or alerts and an indicator on communications status with Earth.

The smartwatches are supposed to be used only on the International Space Station (ISS).

The app should be compatible with Samsung Gear 2. NASA specified that a certain watches model was named in order to give to designers an idea about the size of a screen where an interface will be displayed (original Samsung Gear 2 model’s screen size complies 320*320 pixels).

The platform practically used for the app will be determined by NASA later. It will happen if an effectiveness of the app will become obvious to the Agency.

The application process will be finished on 9th September. The winner will get the princely sum of $ 1500.

The Space Agency collaborated with the web-site freelancer.соm before, asking for new tool designs to be used by Robonaut 2 — the humanoid robot-astronaut.

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