Toshiba Unveils Its New Products for Elderly People

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Toshiba Unveils Its New Products for Elderly People

Official Toshiba website has published the information about two brand new smart-bracelets designed first of all for long-distance watch for elderly people.  

The Japanese corporation has introduced two devices carried on a wrist – Silmee W20 and W21. They are capable of recognition of amount of time spent by user on meal or communication with other people. All the registered information that characterizes physical state of an elderly person is quickly transferred to a person who takes care of him/her. If an elderly person needs a help he/she just needs to press a special alarm button on trackers.

The gadgets introduced are equipped with an accelerometer and thermometer for skin cover, pulse and ultraviolet. Silmee W21 model is equipped with GPS which helps to watch a location of an elderly person. This feature differs Silmee W21 from W20.

Smart-bracelets send data to a smartphone powered by iOS or Android. A built-in lithium-ion battery allows a device to work autonomously within two weeks.

The release of the new devices is expected in the end of August, 2015. Its price will be equal to $ 192 and $ 224 respectively.

It’s a well-known fact that a birth rate in Japan is one of the lowest worldwide. According to the researchers, just in ten years people senior than 65 will comply 30% of the Japanese population, while the number of employees who nurse them will reduce. PCWorld reports that different IT-projects aimed to help the elderly are actively promoted in Japan.

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