English Schoolboy’s Research Turned Out to be a Breakthrough in the World of Transistors

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English Schoolboy’s Research Turned Out to be a Breakthrough in the World of Transistors

A student from Surrey, Thomas Burridge, discovered a transistor, which could lead to the creation of fundamentally new types of displays, sensors, and even clothing.
The 18-year-old Burridge has co-authored a paper during a placement at the University of Surrey last summer through the educational charity Satro. His paper was aimed at investigation of the components that could be important for the future of flexible electronic devices.
The research was focused on source gated transistors, which are more light energy efficient than traditional transistors. They allow to control the colour and brightness in the pixels on a screen of electronic devices.
Although source gated transistors have been invented long ago, they have a very important disadvantage: its self-heating would lead to device failures. However the results of the research published by Thomas and his supervisor in the journal Scientific Reports, show that this defect is quite easy to handle.
Thomas wrote computer code to simulate source gated transistors’ self-heating and found out that a simple design changes to the geometry of the source gated transistors could fully eliminate self-heating and its damaging effects.
Dr Radu Sporea, Mr Burridge's supervisor told that the students are not aware that their researches are at the edge of the science, yet they deliver great work. Dr Radu Sporea noted that the research open boundless opportunities because source gated transistors could be very economic and extremely easy to manufacture.
Mr. Burridge claimed he wanted to experience what it was like to do research. On the whole it took about a month and a young scientist was really surprised with how much he could learn in a short amount of time. In the very beginning he was quite skeptical about the results of the research.
This year Mr. Burridge is going to start study engineering at the University of Cambridge.

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