Bug in the Password of Android 5

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Bug in the Password of Android 5

New Android 5 Lockscreen Hack Gives Full Access to Device

The analysts of the University of Texas have discovered that Android devices that use version 5 – 5.1.1 of the operating system are vulnerable to an easy lock-screen-bypass attack. The hack works in a very simple way: all you need is to enter a long arbitrary collection of characters into the emergency call dial. The video showing the hack demonstrates a user who copies and pastes a collection of star-keys to the emergency call window and copies them to the Android clipboard, repeatedly pressing the camera button. Instead of returning an error message, the affected phone crashes and unlocks, giving a full access to apps and data.
Nexus-devices have received the patch, which solves the problem. Those Android users who haven’t got the security updates have to wait either until Google issues a patch for them or to switch to a PIN or pattern-based lockscreen, neither of which is susceptible to the hack.


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