HandyCase Lets to Control Gadgets from Behind

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HandyCase Lets to Control Gadgets from Behind

A new iPad and iPhone case that gives a device a possibility to be controllable from behind has launched by HandScape on Kickstarter. The special case is targeted to provide Apple devices with additional sensor panel. 

The new attached case, called the HandyCase, allows registering taps from the back of a device. The case will be able to recognize touch in several points, and this will allow realizing various functions of management by means of back panel – from zooming and paging to camera control and work in the Internet.

The new project involves displaying of a virtual model of hands, which allows to understand how fingers are placed at the back side. This function will work by means of defining points of touch. Transparency of virtual hands can be changed at a user’s will.

However HandyCase won’t be able to work without special apps. This could be the main problem introducing the product to the market.

Those who want to contribute to the project can do this at the official website of Kickstarter. To start up the project the developers have to raise $100,000. The HandyCases are available at a price from $99 to $149 depending on the model.

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