Shooting with a Brand New GoPro Odyssey Cam Isn’t Cheap

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Shooting with a Brand New GoPro Odyssey Cam Isn’t Cheap

The famous cam maker has announced a limited pre-order program for GoPro Odyssey sale. However due to limited production of GoPro Odyssey it is available only for industry professionals who can purchase it for $15,000 starting from November.

Introduced at a May conference Google I/O 2015, GoPro Odyssey packs 16 synchronised Hero4 Black cameras (each with a price about $500) set in a circle within a rig, which create panoramic video of 8kx8k MPEG4 at 600 Mbit/s.

Recorded video is then offloaded to Google Jump assembler – a VR processing technology by Google. A video taken with GoPro Odyssey can be posted on YouTube.

The Odyssey comes bundled with extra accessories, such as 16 microSD cards and a carrying case Pelican. The users can also add extra stereo microphones for a better quality of sound.

GoPro is not the only 360 degree 3D camera manufacturer. Earlier Samsung and Nokia introduced similar cameras though they didn’t mention the dates of release at sales markets.


التعليقات 1

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Chris Daler 26.09.2015 22:080
15 000 ????? من أجل الذهاب برو 360 degr العالم بالجنون. أتمنى أن نوكيا مماثلة الكاميرا لن تكلف كثيرا.
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