Samsung's 6 Gigabytes LPDDR4 DRAM

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Samsung's 6 Gigabytes LPDDR4 DRAM

Samsung Launches Its First 6 Gigabytes LPDDR4 DRAM

Samsung Electronics announced mass-producing of the first memory microchip – 12 Gigabits LPDDR4 (Low Power, Double Data Rate 4) Mobile DRAM module.
The new high capacity RAM device is based on the 20-nanometer technology. According to Samsung, the new memory chips consume 20% less energy compared to the current 8 Gigabits chips lineup. They are also 30% faster reaching a read speed of 4.2 Gigabits per second.
Two or four 12 Gigabit microchips LPDDR4 can also be bundled in one unit package – two memory chips will create 3 Gigabyte and four will create 6 Gigabyte mobile DRAM.
Existing chips power smartphone with 4 Gigabyte of RAM while the new memory module opens up the possibility of exceeding memory capacity by half.
Samsung also adds that its next generation flagships will get 6 Gigabyte LPDDR4. Such devices are expected to hit the market in 2016.

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