Driverless robot cab test in Japan

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Driverless robot cab test in Japan

On October 1, Kanagawa prefecture and Robot Taxi Inc. said they will start testing of robotic cabs beginning in 2016. The unmanned taxi service will be offered to 50 people with driverless taxi carrying them from their homes to local grocery stores. Crew members will be onboard in order to avoid accidents.

Robot Taxi Inc. is aiming to commercialize automated taxis in 2020. The service will be offered to travelers from overseas and locals in the areas, where no access to public transportation is allowed.

As far as Japan is known as the country highly populated with older people, its government is striving to take care of their citizens by developing robots. Such robots help to organize medication, shopping and exercise schedules (IBM-tweaked iPads), carry senior people to different places, and simplify the life of such people.



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