Assisted-driving Concept Car

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Assisted-driving Concept Car

Mitsubishi Unveils EMIRAI 3 xDAS Assisted-driving Concept Car

The Mitsubishi EMIRAI 3 xDAS concept car will make its public debut at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 together with eX Concept offroader. The brand new EMIRAI 3 xDAS concept car features next-generation driving-assistance technology, which was built on the basis of EMIRAI 2 xDAS introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

The concept car possesses LCDs panels on the dashboard and center console, which are laminated with an optical bonding process for high visibility and operability making an interior more elegant. Also frames around screens were reduced.

The vehicle can be operated without having to look at the display. The operator’s hand can easily adjust air temperature and volume levels. A 3D heads-up display on the combiner projects images of objects up to 10 meters away, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road ahead.

A special attention the Mitsubishi paid on the driver’s operating health condition. A camera and a non-contact cardiograph allow to stop a vehicle in case of driver’s inability to continue driving because of feeling sick. “Smart”-system senses a driver’s face direction and line of sight via a camera. A cloud-based application analyzes a driver's physical condition by comparing current behavior with past behavioral data stored in the cloud. If fatigue is detected, the system recommends having a rest stop. Moreover proactive analysis of map data allows to identify intersections with poor visibility.

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