Twitter launched "Moments"

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Twitter launched "Moments"

Team of the popular Twitter microblogging platform announced the launch of a new feature - Moments. In fact, this is a news service in Twitter, which will show the most popular events. Just choose a special tab "Moments" which is available by clicking on the icon with a lightning on it. The tab will be filled up by a special team of Twitter in participation with the number of news agencies and resources, as well as other partners, for example, NASA. Now "moment" is working only in the US, but soon it is planned to expance it.

As planned by the developers, with the help of this update users will be able to keep in touch with the reports on important events, even if they are not subscribed to the participants of them. For example, read about sports reports, public shares, celebrity interviews and so on.

In addition to a selection of tweets on the topic, chosen for the "Moments", a user will receive a description of the event and all that relates to the theme, including animated pictures and video. "Moments" is automatically updated with the appearance of new information. About update you will know from a blue icon with a lightning on it. If you enable the option "Follow the Moments", all the updates will appear immediately in the tweet feed.

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