The Altwork Introduces Its Leap-ahead Desk

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The Altwork Introduces Its Leap-ahead Desk

A brand new invention of the Altwork company called Altwork Station represents a special desk, which lets users to work in any position, including lying position. 

Altwork Station has been developed for the most active PC users such as programmers, designers and writers. The first batch is expected to go on sale with a special offer price of $3,900. Later workstations will cost $5,900.

Altwork offers a highly unusual workplace that allows working from any position: standing, seated or even lying. The mode called “cooperation” gives a user an opportunity to turn off a monitor to facilitate collaboration with colleagues.

For non-slip mouse and keyboard the workstation is equipped with magnets. The management of the entire structure is carried out through a control panel and electromotors.

Creators of the device warn that in supine a person quickly calms down and loses productivity, that’s why the Altwork Station has been configured with a possibility to take several body positions. Working even in a seated position is much more comfortable than usual behind the desk.

Since the nineteenth century through to the present day a concept of a working place didn’t suffer changes. Therefore the leap-ahead workstation of the Altwork can be considered as the first serious step towards easing of the current situation.

The high price of the product results from the fact that all the components are produced in the USA, as well as the use of the toughening material with high durability and complex engineering solutions (for example a footrest is formed in the shape of scorpion tail).

However it won’t be easy to set up Altwork Stations in the offices. It won’t fit up with a usual area reserved for a typical working place.
During the last years there have been other workstations with a similar kind of concept – the MWE Lab Emperor (2012) at a price of about £30,000 and Office Organix The ErgoQuest 500 (2007) which had a cost of $4,000. However the former didn’t provide its users with lying position.

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