Google is merging Chrome OS and Android

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Google is merging Chrome OS and Android

At the moment Google develops two operating systems: Android for mobile devices and Chrome OS for laptops and desktop PC. According to The Wall Street Journal, Android and Chrome are merging. Such a decision was made since Android has emerged as the dominant operating system. Combining the two operating systems means setting up Android to run on PC, which would require big changes, including supporting the Google Play Store. Chromebooks will receive a new name to reflect the new OS.

The Verge has independently confirmed that Chrome OS and Android will be combined. This information is likely to be demonstrated by Google at Google I/O next year while the launch of the new operating system is expected to take place in 2017. This way Google intends to reduce the number of independent platforms it has to maintain.

Google has already been working on the project for quite a long time. Some Android apps are up and running on Chrome OS. Moreover last month Google has introduced a convertible Android laptop called the Pixel C. The device runs on Android 6.0 though before such devices worked on Chrome OS.

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