The Dubai Airshow 2015

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The Dubai Airshow 2015

The Dubai Airshow is the world’s fastest growing airshow with 160 aircraft of various types and models displayed at the territory of the new Al Maktoum International Dubai Airport.

Visitors will include heads of state, members of royal families and the leaders of some of the world’s biggest aeronautical companies as well as experts of civilian and military aircraft. The exhibition also has a viewing Skyview area designed for the public to enjoy the flying displays of UAE and Italian crews from a 5,000 seater grandstand.

Those who were not that lucky to join the ranks of 65,000 visitors of the exhibition will be able to see the F22 fighter jet, B1 bomber and Eurofighter during the flight demonstrations.

The Dubai Airshow has doubled in size since 2001 and now competes with the industry’s other two big biennial aviation exhibitions that rotate between Farnborough and Paris’s Le Bourget.

The defense industry accounts for about half of the displays at the exhibition show. The reason for that is not only the economic recession but also a growth of regional armed conflicts.

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