The ION Belt Will Charge Your Phone

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The ION Belt Will Charge Your Phone

Smartphones and other electronic devices are always running out of battery very fast. The problem is that the latest-generation electronic devices usually come with an integral battery and it’s impossible to swap it with a full battery. In this case the best decision could be using a boost battery but it’s easy to forget it at home, moreover it’s not always possible to charge it. The leap-ahead ION Belt is a unique portable charger device that also doubles up as a belt.

Your usual belt can be easily replaced by ION Belt allowing to charge your smartphone/tablet battery easily. There is 3,000 mAh of power contained in the Ion Belt and it takes quite a long time to discharge it. You can use any USB connector to plug in whatever device you wish to work with. There’s also a clever little LED indicator located at a belt buckle. The device will cost $90 after the said date, though the release date has not been unveiled yet – the project has been launched on Kickstarter looking to raise $50,000.

Moreover to work with ION Belt it’s necessary to have a data cable for your gadget. What concerns typical boost batteries, available in any hardware store, their capacity varies from 1,000 to 50,000 mAh. Their size and price depend on that directly. 


The ION Belt Will Charge Your Phone USB

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