NEC Introduces Its ARmKeyPad Augmented Reality Interface

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NEC Introduces Its ARmKeyPad Augmented Reality Interface

The idea of a virtual wearable arm keyboard is not new. Moreover it had already been produced in metal and silicon though it didn’t became popular, first of all, because of lack of tactile feedback. Indeed, a virtual keyboard is nice and can surprise your guests but at the same time it’s not convenient. However in some spheres it could be sought-after.

For instance, the device could be irreplaceable in a variety of industries from law enforcement and medicine to industry. It’s connected with work conditions: sometimes it’s necessary to keep sterile conditions or should also have both hands free. NEC has introduced a new user interface ARmKeypad, which includes augmented reality glasses and a special smart bracelet. The technology allows you to project on the forearm by QWERTY-keyboard, which is visible only to him through the glasses.

ARmKeyPad provides user the tactile feeling of real keyboard typing. Secondly, it’s not necessary to carry around a tablet or a physical keyboard what is a big advantage for work in field conditions.

After all, the keyboard was designed to minimize key clashes. NEC is going to be seriously engaged in marketing. Particularly, ARmKeyPad will be exhibited at C&C User Forum & iExpo 2015 being held in Tokyo November, 12-13. There exist other kinds of realization of augmented reality interfaces, such as a laser touchpad ODiN – the project, successfully funded by Kickstarter. 

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