Drones and Robots Could Be Used to Repair Roads

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Drones and Robots Could Be Used to Repair Roads

The University of Leeds – one of the leading British universities has won a grant on development of drones and robots to identify problems with city infrastructure and repairing potholes.

The researchers will develop three different types of robots. The first one will be dedicated to creation of drones that can perform repair tasks on heights, such as repairing street lights.

The second area will deal with development with robots able to autonomously inspect, diagnose, repair and prevent potholes in roads.

And the third one assumes development of robots that operate within live utility pipes, performing inspection, repair, metering and reporting tasks.

A €6 mln investment is a part of a massive program with €30 mln budget, which aims to tackle some of the major challenges facing science and engineering. It’s expected that project implementation will help to identify and correct various problems that will level up the quality of urban living.  

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