Smart Watch with No Digital Screen

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Smart Watch with No Digital Screen

We have already got used to the fact that smartwatches typically feature a digital screen with a round shape. However Movado Bold Motion watch looks more like a regular watch than a smartwatch. Nevertheless this model has the entire range of a modern wearable device options.

In other words Movado Bold Motion is a classic watch with a hidden advanced electronics. By the way, as HP collaborated on the program there are no doubts about the quality of the silicone components of the device. The smartwatch is able to notify its user about emails, phone calls, social media updates and calendar appointments through a special app being synchronized with the device. At the same time the smartwatch also features a step counter. Using its dial is perfect for counting of relax time between sets and cardio time. Absence of a digital display is not a disadvantage as you should get a great battery life – up to 7 days of continuous work.

Movado Bold Motion smartwatch is made of stainless steel is dust- and water-resistant. Notifications happen in two ways: vibration and the LEDs. The smartwatch is synchronized with the smartphone by Bluetooth. It is compatible with both Android devices starting from 4.4 KitKat and iOS devices at least of the 8th generation. Movado Bold Motion it's not cheap either. It'll set you back about $700.

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