The New USPTO Patent Hints at new Google Glass 2 Design

The New USPTO Patent Hints at new Google Glass 2 Design

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have granted Google a new patent called "Wearable device with input and output structures". 

Actually this title means so called “smart” glass. According to the patent, it may have a computing unit, information visualization module, sensor control pad, camera and other components. In other words, the new Google patent reminds of its predecessor Google Glass. 

As can be seen from the pictures, the device has a headband-type design in the shape of glass with lens and frame – the traditional Glass version. At the same time the second variant of the device features absolutely new design.

Particularly, the new version will have to be balanced by users on the side of their head. The wearable device is expected to come with a band of a flexible shape able to follow the shape of a user’s head. One of headbands may have a visualization module.

At the moment Google is working on several Glass versions: among of them is Google Glass and other has no display at all. Quite possibly the presented design will form the basis of new wearable devices being developed by Google Glass team.

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