Zarooq Unveils Its First Race Offroadster

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Zarooq Unveils Its First Race Offroadster

Zarooq founder Mohammed Al Qadi in association with French racing car-driver Bruno Lafitte have introduced a sand-racing vehicle designed to have off-road capability, racing-grade performance and an iconic look.

The vehicle is going to be produced by Zarooq Motors in UAE in cooperation with French experts from Jannarelly&Juillot Special and Campos Racing GP2. What concerns its technical characteristics, it’s expected the offroadster weighs only a tonne, the cabin includes air conditioner, there’s also an extra wheel available. The coupe is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can be tuned to send 304 horsepower to the rear wheels (or up to 500 horsepower for top versions) and 371 pound-feet of torque. Also the standard Sand Race model will feature multimedia acoustic system, glass holders, glove box and light-emitting diodes.

Zarooq predicts the first 20 cars will be delivered to customers next year. The starting price is US$100,000.

Once the Sand Race is in production it will need a home where it can be raced, so the founders are planning to build a sand racetrack near Dubai by October 2016. The track will also be home to an off-road racing school and a relaxing zone with swimming pool. The track itself will imitate writing the word “Dubai” in Arabic.

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