The World’s First Tricopter Unveiled in Dubai

The World’s First Tricopter Unveiled in Dubai

The Middle East Extreme Sports Expo in Dubai gathers together the extreme, action, outdoor and adventure sport companies and communities for the second time in Dubai. The world’s first human piloted drone has been introduced there. The brand new flying machine titled Flike was designed for one pilot by the Hugarian engineers-constructors.

According to them, tricopter is able to fly up to 40 min and land on the sea. It’s equipped with two rotors each of them is powered by the engine and weighs a little more than 200 kg. The futuristic mean of transportation outwardly reminds of a helicopter with a tripod stand. However, it can also be used for flying. The video proving that has been shared on YouTube. It shows a pilot wearing special outfit (something between racing car driver’s and biker’s outfit) for safety considerations.

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