The First TV with Connector for Smartphones

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A great variety of mobile smart electronics motivated even TV developers. An unnamed partner of ZTE Company will present a TV-set (4K, 55-inch, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Android) with the support for smartphones Nubia at January's Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (CES 2016).

Still we do not know exactly how it all will operate together; but apparently, the concept is identical to the one that is being promoted by Taiwanese group ASUSTeK where tablets are used as docking stations for the phones.

In other words, ZTE wants to make a smart TV not only a separate part of a living room with its own set of applications and information on it, but to combine its functionality with that a smartphone user is accustomed to. In this case, each family member will be able to have his own games and “cinemas” – all he needs is just to install a phone into the appropriate connector on the rear panel of a TV-set. Thus will help to avoid setting and filling by the content two different high-tech devices. For example, experts believe that this factor played a major role in the global recession of interest among users to a tablet as to the second unnecessary smart gadget.

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