would like to congratulate every one on the Celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (saws).

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The Prophet Muhammad (saws) was born in Mecca on 17th Rabi'ul-awwal, 570 AD. Prophet Muhammad (saws) lost both of his parents and his grandfather by the age 10, leaving him in the care of his uncle Abu Talib.

Muhammad, as a young, gentle, inquisitive youth, accompanied the trading caravans of Abu Talib across the deserts, giving him deep insight into nature and the human being. These were the beginning stages of what would become the greatest intellectual, spiritual, social and political movement ever witnessed by mankind.

A quiet lover of nature, constantly worried about human sufferings, Muhammad very often retired to Mount Hira' for meditation. One night, namely that of laylatul-qadr (the Night of Majesty) the Divine voice addressed him, commanding "Recite in the Name of thy Lord." (Surah al-'Alaq 96:1). Thus began the magnificent journey of the Final Messenger (s) to guide humanity towards perfection.

After losing his beloved wife Khadija and his uncle Abu Talib, the polytheists planned stronger than ever to assassinate the Prophet (saws). Because of this, he and the Muslims were forced to migrate to Medina, which is remembered as the event of Hijra.

Many battles ensued during the years in Medina, including those of Badr, Uhud, and Khaybar. The Treaty of Hudaybiyah, concluded with the non-Muslims of the area of Medina, reflects the peaceful and humanitarian nature of the Islamic movement in Medina. It was through this nature the Prophet (saws) was able to peacefully return to Mecca and establish Islamic rule without any battle.

Though a Prophet, Muhammad (saws) was the man of the common people. He sat and ate with them, shared their joys and sorrows, helped the weak, widows and orphans and sympathized with the distressed. He saw people disunited and engaged in perpetual wars, practising most revolting cruelties; daughters were buried alive and the widows of their fathers were inherited or sold by the eldest son. Among all this chaos, Muhammad (saws) established order and inspired in them the belief of One God; prohibited idolatry and made them think, not only of this world, but beyond the grave on a higher, purer and diviner plain, asking them to practise charity, goodness, justice, reasonableness and universal love. The whole mission was achieved in his lifetime.
(saws – salah allaho alaihi wasalam is an Arabic attribute meaning “Peace be upon Him”)

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