According to Analysts Users Prefer Larger Displays


Market research firm Strategy Analytics has conducted a survey dedicated to discover the most preferred bias by current users. Being released in 2007, the first iPhone model has been considered as a smartphone model with perfect display measurements – 3.5-inch. However today the smartphone displays’ standards have been considerably changed. Even Apple departed from its 3.5-inch standard now.

According to the research conducted in the USA and UK, the users are mostly likely to be interested in 5.3-inch bias smartphones, which were the most popular choice followed by the 5-inch and the 5.5-inch models. The Americans usually tend to prefer larger devices than the English, while Android users were more likely to favour a larger screen size. According to a similar survey conducted by Strategy Analytics last year, smartphones’ market has been settled down that means in the nearest future users are not likely to change their preferences.

It should be noted that most smartphone owners expressed interest in getting one with a display that is larger than the one they are currently using. However smartphone users are willing to sacrifice ultrathin designs in favour of extended battery life. The report highlights long-lasting batteries is one of main features that consumers look for in a mobile.

Be the way, in the beginning of 2014 PhoneArena had conducted a similar survey. The results were as follows: smartphones with less than 4-inch displays were not popular with users, while the most preferred ones were 4.5-5-inch displays. By comparison, three years ago 3.5-4-inch displays devices won 35% votes.

Nevertheless the survey considered not a real part of one or another display on the market but the preferences of users, including intention to buy a device in future. The research of DeviceAtlas company aimed at analysis of Internet traffic usage in the USA, Japan, Australia, India, Nigeria and five largest European countries. At that time the palm of victory won 4.7-inch smartphones.

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