LG تحديث ويب أو إس 3.0 منهاج التلفزيونات الذكية

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LG تحديث ويب أو إس 3.0 منهاج التلفزيونات الذكية

The year 2015 is drawing to a close and the announcements of technological advancements in the kitty of the future have started trickling down to this year. Korea LG has announced (much like a New Year resolution!) that it will soon launch its updated webOS 3.0 platform for smart televisions.

The platform it is reported, boasts of introducing three new primary features:

- Magic Zoom

- An upgraded magic remote, and

- Magic Mobile

While, the Magic Zoom feature gives the users an ability to enlarge letters and objects on the screen without experiencing any noticeable degradation in image quality, the improved Magic Remote tool offers the ability to control DVR functions, adding ‘power’ and ‘menu’ button options.

But Magic Mobile is the thing that you would really like to enjoy and that is letting the users of LG smart television to connect their mobile phones to the television, using the LG TV Plus app. Once you get connected, the television screen will become a projection screen as you will be able to view your mobile apps directly on the screen of the television. 

This is not. There is much more in the kitty. Apart from these three features, the new webOS will also include features like Channel Advisor and Channel Plus. It is to be noted that Channel Advisor monitors your viewing habits and notifies you of upcoming programming you may like, and Channel Plus combines broadcast and digital content viewing options and offers free digital content from the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Politics, Time and Condé Nast Entertainment.

The updated webOS does seem to be exciting but it is too soon to comment if it will give a tough competition to established rivals like Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Roku. Whatever may be the case, it is the consumers who always gain something or the other. 


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