The most interesting videos over 2015 part 2


The most interesting videos over 2015 part 2

We want to present you a small collection of interesting videos over 2015 that you might like.


The world's revolution: CAST first real-time home entertainment hub


Don't miss ''ALPHA 2'' the robot who can organise your home


A step machine on wheels, FIT is Denmark’s fitness breakthrough: all your exercise in minutes, with less impact than a walk!


Sony introduced watch with E-Ink


Don't miss this 360° video, it's amazing!!!


Radinn Fastest electric wakeboard


Andiamo iQ Smart Luggage


Robotic Dolphin and Flying Water Car are the Newest marine sport


"SOS 20K" The Life Saving Portable Solar Battery


Volvo Self Driving Car "Concept 26"


Attention selfie-lovers: Chinese company Meitu have released the V4, with a massive 21MP front-facing camera


MMOne - 3 axis turning Virtual Reality Gaming Chair


Figment VR - Know Your Journey


Qeexo's newest touchscreen technology is FingerAngle. Using just a single point of touch, our software can detect a finger’s 3D angle, enabling new and powerful interactions with your device


How self driving cars see our world (Honda CR-V)


iC-R Hitech helmet


REMI: The all-in-one sleep companion for kids


Funny Samsung washing machine commercial


Dubai Airshow 2015


HERCULES : World's Smallest Motorized Camera Dolly


Detailed Review for the GAEMS Vanguard


Meet the first wireless bungee jump in the world


Emirates: #HelloJetman


Drone Autonomously Avoiding Obstacles at 30 MPH


Yamaha unveils Robot that can ride a motorbike


PIXELIO 3D multiscanner


TouchJet Pond - Virtual Touchscreen Projector


Abu Dhabi the safest city


A portable fishfinder "Deeper"


Solu: A new type of computing


Derek Klingenberg: I caught a fish with my drone!!!


Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms


3Doodler Kickstarter Video - The World's First 3D Printing Pen




Egoista EM01 Stradale


Next generation camera to make VR in real time


Lily Camera

















Edible Growth


Square Watermelon








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