Microsoft Makes Its Own SIM Card

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Microsoft Makes Its Own SIM Card

Microsoft is going to surprise us with its new invention. However it won’t be a new tablet or a smartphone (though they are expected to be released soon). Microsoft is developing its own SIM card that allows Windows 10 based devices to access different cellular data networks without the need for a contract with them.

There are no official comments on the brand new Microsoft SIM but the new app called Cellular Data is already available for a free download at Windows Store. Microsoft SIM sounds similar to Apple SIM, which have been released together with the iPads updates of 2014. It operates in the following way: with help of a Microsoft account a user can pick data plans from a few mobile network partners in the city where a user is located.

In order to launch the app, Windows has to partner with mobile network providers. Nevertheless Cellular Data App already works in the test mode, so that Windows is likely to cooperate with some of them. The app has been developed to promote the adoption of cellular connectivity on Windows tablets and laptops. At the moment there’s no information about the date of finish of testing and the date of the App release. It’s expected that the first lucky users of the new Microsoft SIM will be those who use Surface Pro tablets.

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