The New Device Uses a Human Body as a Battery


Engineers have developed a small autonomous electric generator that should be set on a human body and be powered by it. The device is created as a wearable wireless sensor and doesn’t require external charging.

The generator consists of a flexible thermoelectric plate. The plate on the skin surface covers an area of about seven square centimeters. Generation of electrical energy takes place due to the temperature difference between skin and air, which shall not be less than three degrees Celsius. The gadget transmits data on hydration to the smartphone.

The generator capacity is 40-50 microwatts per square centimeter of skin. If a person is engaged in active sports activities, the generated power is increased by three times. Nevertheless scientists point out at a low-power technology.

However the new device will not be sufficient to power smartphones of big diagonals but its energy should be enough for different sensors.  

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